Weekly BPT report(11/09~18/09)


Typhoons have not damped our players' enthusiasm, and the BPT online qualifiers have delivered another round of wild poker clashes in our Five Worldwide Regions.

The time is coming, nerves are on edge, and we've just reached 381 delivered invitation letters for the Macau Final.

Here are the details:






Total invitations: 158


These years Texas Poker popularity has been growing in China, and this shows in a new generation of gifted players that have taken the BPT qualifiers by storm. The online selection will finish in less than two weeks and China has already gotten 41% of the total invitations. It's clear that our online system is becoming an opportunity for these Chinese poker players to show their knowledge and skills. Now we can just hope to get an invitation ourselves to learn from these winds of talent coming from The Middle Kingdom.  





Macau, Hong Kong & Taiwan

Total invitations: 102


With less of 3% of the population of Mainland China, this zone has already won 102 invitations for the Final! An astonishing accomplishment of efficiency. Not surprisingly,  among these finalists there are old BPT veterans, players seasoned in thousand battles that know what to do. But Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are also bringing new blood to the poker field, and this combination of expertise and enthusiasm will surely deliver another brilliant performance in the Final. And don't forget it, they will play the final at home, in the city of Dreams.





Southeast Asia

Total invitations: 83


Our enthusiastic players from this zone of paradisiac beaches and tropical jungles don't want to fall behind with Greater China and they are compensating their lower numbers of invitations, 83, with an astonishing percentage of activations. 90% in the case of Thailand!

Vietnam already finished their qualifiers last week with 5 more tickets, but their team partners in Thailand and Indonesia are still forging ahead like typhoons getting ready to head up to the north, to the Final!

 We can't wait to see this clash of powers!






Europe&Middle East

Total invitations: 38


 Coming from France, Germany, Poland, Ireland and other  Mediterranean countries, this caravan of adventurers are getting ready to cross the world for the Macau Final.  True, so far only 38 got invitations, but we shouldn't forget that among these players there some who just fought in the BPT Dublin, that means more experience, more powder. 

What kind of other tricks are they carrying? Will be the champion one them? Only the gods know, but when the time comes, we will be there to see it all. Hopefully with you.