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BPT, Boyaa Poker Tour, entirely organized by Boyaa Interactive is a worldwide professional tournament. Participants are chosen from Boyaa online tournaments players and they are coming by the hundreds from China mainland, Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The 2016 BPT worldwide tournament officially started on the 15th of August with an online qualifiers period of two months after which, from the 22nd to the 24th of October, the finals will be disputed in the Chinese city of Macau. The tournament will come with 520,000 USD and 35 billion in game chips as rewards. It will also establish a new original rule called 50% payout structure, which means that out of the 300 participants, 150 will be rewarded.

BPT, to challenge the world. See you in October !


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  • The qualified players of BPT World Championship will represent their country! Compete with top poker players from all over the world. Fight for your country and fight for your dream! Are you ready to be a champion in this international poker event?

  • The BPT World Championship Invitation is an unlimited entry ticket. Except the Main Event, you can participate in all extra events with this invitation. To fully experienced all the poker events and win the cash prizes!

  • Boyaa Poker Tour have 5 competition divisions, and covered dozen countries with millions of players (Europe/Southeast Asia/Middle East/Mainland China/HK·Macau·Taiwan). We’re striving to create a professional international poker event and delivering new experiences to all players.

  • All players who received BPT World Championship Invitation (For BPT World Championship) will be selected online in Boyaa Texas Poker. All the players can participate in the BPT-MTT tournament and BPT special activities to get the final invitation. Registration offline at the race will not be accepted.

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