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BPT, Three Great Features that Set on Fire this October’s Dream Trip

publish time : 2016-09-23

  BPT(Boyaa Poker Tour)it’s a worldwide Texas Poker tournament organized by Boyaa Interactive. After the first ceremony in 2015 and its consolidation, 2016 BPT has entirely renovated the tournament system by adding a much bigger prize pool, which has triggered a wave of enthusiasm.

  The 2016 BPT online qualifiers started officially on July the 15th and, in the last month, along with a steady increase in the number of participants; also the number of invitation letters for the finals have greatly increased.  So, to make  Texas Boyaa Poker become a festival for the players, it has been set up these three new features that will set on fire the finals in Macau, namely: a super big payout, a worldwide tournament, and the new invitation system.

Highlight one: 50% super big reward payout that guarantees that 50% of the participants will get a prize

  The 2016 BPT world finals will give  520,000$ and 35 billion in game chips as rewards. What’s more, this year’s BPT finals will have 300 players with a prize pool for 150 of them. This means that at least 50% of the participants will share this huge reward. In fadct, those who rank among the top 90 will get cash as the reward!

There is no question that this invigorating system is innovative in the world of global tournaments of poker.

Highlight two: Worldwide tournament. Obtaining world-class recognition

  Continuing the 2015 competition’s areas system, the 2016 BPT will set five main areas in which, from millions of players coming from more than  ten countries, 300 will advance to the finals. Then, in the tournament casino, we will see players coming from continental China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and many other places around the world.



        Highlight three: One single pass ticket obtainable through regional and super competitive tournaments. All to enjoy this Texas Poker festival to its maximum.

 2016 BPT will adopt a qualifiers ticket system. So, as long you get a BPT World Championship invitation, you will be able to participate in the main and side events! Aside from this, matches will be organized according to regional divisions: Continental China, Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan area, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and America-Europe-Middle East area. Six regions in total.

  Rewards and opportunities will merge in this Texas Poker tournament where the battle among regions and glory will become totally real!

  2016 BPT aims to provide an awesome and exciting professional tournament as well as an excellent service by which each participant will enjoy to be part of this Texas Poker Festival. BPT online qualifiers are still running, so don’t be a bystander and get your invitation for the BPT world finals! We are looking forward to meeting you on October 22!

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