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BPT report: Day 1. Enjoying brilliant games

publish time : 2016-10-24

Today, BPT 2016 Worldwide Finals started officially with  300 players from all over the world fighting for a whole day. What kind of fireworks was used in the games? Let’s take a look:

Mystical 86s. Iraqi player gets a deep stack with an “All in” in the Pre Flop

Game details:

This hand was extremely dramatic,and by the time this editor got to the table two players had already “ALL IN.”  UTG  “called” so the three went for the showdown.

Laid cards: UTG:6d8d Button: KcKd SB: QsQd

Flop: 2c 7h 6c 8h Js

UTG was the incredible Iraqi with a 86s. In the preflop, the other two players went All in

The Flop gave the lucky two pairs, and received a huge pot!

Expert comment: 86s deep-stack, odds not that good, but incredibly he followed. Maybe it was a fortunate hand.

2.5 people limped. Chaotic warfare pot

Game details:

Pre-flop, utg+1 limp, co calls, btn calls, SB calls, BB folds. 5 players’ pot

Flop:  10d 6s 9h, Big and small blind folds, utg+1 bet 500, btn call

The Turn: Jd, utg+1 bet 1000, btn bet after a lot of thinking

The River: 4d, utg+1 check, btn check, utg+1 showed Qc10c, btn folded

Expert comment: After the flop, two streets were played. The river was crucial to control the showdown. There are reasons for advancing and retreating!

3. Big war in the Pre-Flop. A foreigner gets a massive pot!

Game details:

Pre-Flop limps until MP’s position. MP opens with 800/ Button calls. SB re-raises to 3200 and the rest fold.

MP thinks but doesn’t have enough chips for 4-bet. After talking with the referee, MP raises to 5500.

CO folds. SB raises to 12000 after a lot of thinking. At the beginning, both players had 20000 and in the Pre-Flop they’ve put everything inside. It seems that they want to beat all the scorecards. MP thinks and calls.

Flop: Ah 2h 10c, SB check, MP check

The Turn: Js, all of them check

The River: 6d, they check as in mutual understanding

SB shows KsKd, MP shows As7d, MP gets the huge pot.  SB shakes his head and  sigh

Expert comment: After the flop, two streets were played. The river allows to control the showdown.  There are reasons for advancing and retreating!



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