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Boyaa Interactive presents “China Rendez-Vous“ Exhibition: A High-End board game tournament

publish time : 2016-11-17

  Currently, Boyaa Interactive is pushing forward a new round of board game tournaments plan, and it’s next square, after the October 2016 BPT in Macau, will be moved to the Sanya Marriott Hotel, in Hainan.This new Event, a feast of board games for Boyaa’s users, will be held from December 8th to 11th, and it will be organized by Boyaa Interactive along with Hongzhou Group.

  It’s worth it also mentioning that during this meeting, players will not only have the opportunity to compete for a 3.8 million yuan prize pool and 23.8 billion game chips but they will also have the luck to enjoy the incredible China Rendez-Vous Exhibition and a lifestyle only available to the elite of our society.

  China Rendez-Vous Exhibition Center, organized by Hongzhou Group, is the most influential lifestyle Exposition in Asia. And this year,  with an “A journey to a dream-like life” slogan, will put special emphasis on high-quality products and the concept of amazing life searching, becoming in the process a communication platform between China and the rest of the World.

  As Hong-Kong listed internet company, Boyaa Interactive has been pushing forward a healthy game environment that aims to grow, hand in hand, with the concept of multilingual and multiplatform products. This two realities,  green environment and variety,  will guarantee that Boyaa’s users will feel safe while playing but also will not lack of challenges coming from professionals, foreigners and stars from both the leisure and sports industries.

Professional tournament and also an Exhibition

  This Boyaa board game tournament, BPT China Rendez-Vous, will have a total of 388 participants and will offer a 3.8 million yuan prize pool and 23.8 billion game chips. There will be a 50% payout structure, which means half of the players will get a reward! At the same time, everybody will enjoy a rich variety of Side Events to choose from. Aside from the China Rendez-Vous Exhibition, Boyaa Interactive will hold its own stand, providing visitors an amazing experience with its flagship games and brilliant activities.

  There are four details that will sweeten up  even more  this BPT China Rendez-Vous.

1-The payout structure of poker tournament will be a 50%,  which means half of the players will get a reward.

2-There will be huge variety of Side Events to choose from, so all players and visitors will find the right pleasure for their own taste.

3-Boyaa Interactive will have its own stand in the Exhibition that will be held during the tournament, providing visitors an amazing experience with its flagship games.

4-Players will get a VIP invitation letter, which will allow them  to use the VIP enter areas and especial venues freely

  This is an Asian top notch lifestyle travel experience, but also an international cast of celebrities from all over the world that will meet up in this top notch sunny landscape of beaches, yachts, famous car brands, luxuriant jewelry and High-End exhibition. And when all this is put together along with a poker competition, it’s sure that everybody will feel they are on a journey to a dream-like life. Here, in the 2016 BPT Board game competition. Are you going to miss it?

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